14th Annual SWDBA Mixed
Together. Bowl. Fun.

Austin, Texas

Bowling Tournament Schedule

Executive Committee Meeting
12 May 2022
01:00 pm
Singles Event
Doubles Event
Senior Handicap Classic Event
13 May 2022
08:00 am
10:00 am
12:00 pm
Masters Event
12:00 pm
General Meeting
14 May 2022
07:00 pm
Team Event
08:00 am
Handicap Classic Event
11:00 am
Ballroom & Award 
07:00 pm
Host Meeting
15 May 2022
10:00 am
Board of Directors Meeting
02:00 pm

Board of Directors must meet prior to the executive committee meeting to review by-laws, regulations, rules, proposal slips, and to perform an audit of the financial report.


All bowlers must be present at the General Meeting. No exceptions. 


Only the City Host committees are required to participate in the Host Meeting on Sunday for final review and the closure of the tournament event. 


About SWDBA Mixed

What is SWDBA Mixed?

SWDBA Mixed stands for Southwest Deaf Bowling Association - Mixed. This association was first established in 1947 in Little Rock, Arkansas, where all deaf men get together and bowl competitively against each other.  Then twenty years later, this association decided to add women events where all deaf women can compete against each other. After many years of fun and bowling, all men and women have decided to get together, bowl mixed against each other, and renamed their association to SWDBA Mixed starting in 2008 at Waco, Texas. Not only this, but this association has also welcomed all CODAs to participate in the bowling tournament since 2010.





Austin, Texas


Proud to present officers from across the southwest region