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Welcome to our brand new website!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

We wanted to take a time to thank our executive committees for their hard working in last five months since Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have faced some issues recently but we have to step up and transform into a better organization by bringing Ken Seabolt into our team as an interim Vice President, which he will remain with his responsibilities with the by-laws and work with SWDBA to resolve those financial issues between the year (2015-2016). Our committee team has requested Joshua Dalton to take over as an interim secretary/treasurer/tournament director to re-boost the SWDBA's missions and transforms SWDBA into the most popular deaf bowling tournament in the United States. As you already seen, our webpage has re-design and re-develop to attract more bowlers and make everything more simpler and easier to use.

Unfortunately, LuAnn Buckhalter-Mills had submitted her resignation letter as a secretary/treasurer for SWDBA. But we wanted to thank LuAnn for her fabulous work in last two years and her loyalty toward SWDBA. She will help us throughout the year to make sure everything proceed smoothly and ready for our next tournament in Lubbock, Texas. We want everyone to aware that LuAnn did a great job and her patience working through the incident in 2015-2016. Our financial in last two years during her service is still in good standing and continue to grow. We will release the financial report within two months once it is approved by the board of directors in our next meeting. As today, our general fund for SWDBA is approximately at least $4k and it was a great gain from 2016-2017 where it was little above $1k. That's roughly $3k gain within a year. Again, kudos and cheers for our loyalty member, LuAnn Burkhalter-Mills! Right now, here is the list of our executive committees: Wendy Mayhak, President Ken Seabolt, Interim Vice President Joshua Dalton, Interim Secretary/Treasurer/Tournament Director Walter Holder, 4th year Board of Director Dennis Kuehne, 3rd year Board of Director Dustin Sargent, 2nd year Board of Director Don Craig, 1st year Board of Director Please keep tuned for our next newsletter or vlog!

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